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1 Who is eligible for Tuition Fee Waiver (TFW) seat?

Punjab Resident applicants with family income less than Rs. 8.0 Lakh can apply for TFW seats. Seats will be allotted on a specific dates (published in newspapers) purely on merit basis.

2 What is the NIRF Ranking of IKGPTU Kapurthala?

NIRF Ranking (Engineering) of IKGPTU 104th in 2020 and 96th in 2019

3 Are B.Tech. degree course at IKGPTU are AICTE approved?

No. As per Hon’ble Supreme Court Order (CA No.17869- 17870 /2017), Universities don't required AICTE Approval to run any technical course.

4 How to get admission at IKGPTU Kapurthala under Management Quota?

There is no Management Quota at IKGPTU Kapurthala. All seats are allotted purely on merit basis only.

5 Which campus offers B.Arch. Degree at IKGPTU Kapurthala?

Only Mohali Campus-2 offers B.Arch. (Approved by Council of Architecture) with 30 seats.

6 Is IKGPTU Kapurthala a Government University or College?

Punjab Technical University was established by an Act of State Legislature on 16-January-1997. It was renamed as I K Gujral Punjab Technical University by State Government in the honor to Late Sh. Inder Kumar Gujral (Former Prime Minister of India) in 2015.

7 What Certificates/Documents are required for Tuition Fee Waiver seats?

Punjab Residence Certificate and Low Income Certificate (Family Income less than Rs. 8.0 Lakh) are required at the time of admission

8 I belong to Scheduled Caste (SC) category and family income is less than Rs. 2.5 Lakh. Should I apply for Tuition Fee Waiver (TFW) or Post Matric Scholarship (PMS)

Under PMS scheme you need NOT to pay any fee except Security Fee (Refundable after completion of degree) at the time of admission. Whereas, under TFW scheme, you will be required to pay all fees except Tuition Fee. Therefore, you should apply under PMS Scheme.

9 What is the status Campus Placements at IKGPTU?

University started engineering courses in 2016 onward. Almost 80% eligible students in IT related courses get placemented with good package. Campus Placements in other degree courses is also increasing with passage of time.

10 What is the highest Pay Package paid in Campus Palcements?

Number of companies coming every year is increasing and alongwith their Pay Packages. Past packages (in Lakh Rupees) are as follows:- Jaro Education: 12.0, BYJUS: 10.0, TCS: 7.0, Pentair: 5.0, IBM: 4.65, Cognizant: 4.5, Accenture: 4.5, Infosys: 3.6, Wipro Technologies: 3.5, HCL Technologies: 3.5

11 What is the status Campus Placements at IKGPTU

University started engineering courses in 2016 onward. Almost 80% eligible students in IT related courses get placemented with good package. Campus Placements in other degree courses is also increasing with passage of time.

12 When Admission Forms will be filled for B.Tech.?

Admission process will start after getting approval from Punjab Government. For last 10 years, IKGPTU Kapurthala is conducting Centralized Counselings (Two rounds - As per Punjab Government Reservation Policy) in Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy and Management on the behalf of Punjab Government for all affiliated colleges, constituent campuses of (1) IKGPTU Kapurthala, (2) MRSPTU Bathinda, (3) PAU Ludhiana, (4) SBSSU Ferozepur, and (5) SBSSU Gurdaspur.

13 Is JEE entrance exam require for BCA admission?

Not required for BCA. Fill NA in Roll No. and 0 in Rank column. Until 10+2 or UG result is not declared fill 0 in Marks column.

14 Is Tuition Fee Waiver (TFW) scheme available for MBA as well?

Yes, three (03) seats are available under TFW scheme in MBA admissions for Punjab Residents with family income below Rs.8.0 Lakh. These seats will be allotted purely on merit basis against public advertisement in newspapers.

15 What is minimum percentage required to get admission in IKGPTU Kapurthala?

Please refer AICTE Guidelines or our Information Brochure for minimum percentage of marks and other eligibility conditions to get admission in B.Tech., M.Tech., B.Arch., M.Arch., B.Sc., M.Sc., BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, BA, MA, and M.Phil., etc. at IKGPTU Kapurthala and its Constituent Campuses.

16 What is the last date for Pre-registration?

The purpose of Pre-registration is to get interests of admission aspirants until admission process starts. As and when actual admissions starts Pre-registrations will end. University will guide to registred candidates about how to get admission accordinlgy to their choices.

17 What is the last date of depositing the Councilling Fee?

Counseling Fee for B.Tech., B.Tech.(LEET), M.Tech., B.Arch., M.Arch., B.Pharma and MBA will be paid during Centralized Counseling rounds at https://ptuadmissions.nic.in. Fee payment schedule will be notified once admission process starts. For other degree programmes Counseling Fee may be paid anytime at https://campuses.ptu.ac.in. The schedule of Admissions 2021-22 will be notified soon after result declaration of qualifying examinations.

18 What are the chances for other state students to get admission in B.Tech. cources at IKGPTU?

As per past practice, there are nearly 20% students from Punjab State at IKGPTU Kapurthala. Remaining students are from other states only. There quite good chances that you will also get admission in B.Tech. course.

19 Can I take admission in B.Sc. (Biotech) ?

Sorry, IKGPTU does not offer B.Sc.(BioTech) in Main or any other campus.

21 When will admission procedure for B.Tech. start?

We are waiting for Government to notify the admission guidelines to start B.Tech. admissions. Porbably, after declaration of JEE Ranks and 10+2 admissions will start.

23 Is JEE entrance exam require for B.Tech. admission?

Depends upon admission notification of Punjab Government. As per past experience, admissions are conducted on 10+2 score also against leftover seats. Preference is given to JEE Rank holders.

24 How to apply for B.Tech.(LEET) for amission in 2nd Year?

You can Pre-register for B.Tech.(LEET) here for admission in 2nd Year. There will be two rounds of Centralized Counselings at https://ptuadmissions.nic.in with applicable Punjab Govt. Reservation Policy. Thereafter, multiple Direct Counselings will be held at https://campuses.ptu.ac.in for University Campuses.

25 I want admission in B.Tech. (CSE) at Mohali Campus. Whom to contact?

All admissions will be conducted through https://ptuadmissions.nic.in and https://campuses.ptu.ac.in. For more information regarding any campus or department this list of contact persons is given in the menu.

144 Is B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture available in IKGPTU Campuses?

No. IKGPTU do not offer B.Sc. degree in Agriculture in any of its campuses.

145 What to do after Pre-Registration?

Nothing. Just wait for admissions to start. We will guide you through SMSs and emails about how to proceeds with admissions.

146 I am admission aspirant from other state. How can I take admission at IKGPTU?

First step is get registered. Participate in Centralized Counselings (2 rounds, reservations applicable) at https://ptuadmissions.nic.in. Direct Admissions will start at https://campuses.ptu.ac.in (this website) for leftover/vacant seats. We will try to guide every registered candidate.

147 How to get admission in 2nd year?

Students who passed diploma can get admission in 2nd year under B.Tech.(LEET) admissions. There are LEET seats in every degree.

148 Am I eligible to register for B.Tech. CSE without JEE Mains Rank?

You are eligible for B.Tech. in CSE. However, preference will be given to JEE Mains Rank. Remaining seats will be filled on 10+2 marks percentage.

152 How can I get admission in MA(Edu)?

IKGPTU do not offere MA(Edu) in any of its campuses.

153 How can I got Tution Fee Waiver (TFW) with family income less than 500000?

You can apply for TWF seats. Conditions are low income and punjab resident.

155 Are B.Tach. in Aerospace Engineering is offered IKGPTU Campus?

No. IKGPTU do not offer B.Tach. in Aerospace Engineering in any campus.

157 How much percentile is required to take admission at IKGPTU?

IKGPTU do not take admissions on Percentile basis.

158 What JEE Rank will be sufficient to take admission in B.Tech. at IKGPTU?

In 2020 admissions were conducted in 10+2 basis. Therefore, no guess can be given.

168 How a Government Sponsor candidate get admission in M.Tech. in Civil Engineering?

Pre-register yourself at https://campuses.ptu.ac.in. Later on you are required to participate in Centralized Counselings at https://ptuadmissions.nic.in

172 What is Pre-Registration? Can I pay counselling fee once I get admission in BTech CSE?

Non-Refundable Counseling Fee of Rs.2000/- is paid only once (either during Centralized Counselings or Direct Counselings) in advance as applications processing fee. Otherwise, candidate cannot get admission in any Campus or Affiliated College.

174 Are lateral entry admissions open for BCA?

Yes. You can apply for BCA(LEET) admissions.

176 Is gate score required to get admission in MTech (Biotechnology) at PTU Main Campus?

IKGPTU Main Campus donot offer M.Tech.((Biotechnology). GATE qualification is not mandatory otherwise.

180 When will Direct Online Counseling for B.Tech start?

From 10-10-2021 the Direct Online Counseling will start for B.Tech. and B.Tech.(LEET)

185 When will the classes start?

University will follow UGC/AICTE calendar to start and end classes

186 How many percentage required to take admission in ikgptu in btech cse stream?

187 Is result of direct counselling for btech 2021 announced? When I am clicking on seat letter counselling not started or no seat alloted is coming?

188 How the result of Direct counselling be available to us?

189 When was result of direct counciling declare?

190 What is the last date for direct counciling?

191 What is the last date to take admission in any PTU College?

192 If I want to appear for upcoming clunsellinh , how csn i apply

193 Is there any hostel facilities by college for girls in amritsar campus

194 If I want to appear for upcoming counselling , how can i apply

195 I have filled online application form & also deposited counselling fees of Rs 2000/- 0n 17/10/21 but on pressing submit button, it only prints the application form & donot factually submit the form & generate application Number. Unable to make contact over phone despite several requests. Please advise

196 please declare the counselling result

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